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“I am over the moon for Sarah van der Steur!! 

Initially, I was extremely skeptical that *anyone* could break through the skyscraper I’ve built around myself!


When we first started, I was going through a deep vortex of depression, victimhood, and angst. Things felt like they were crumbling all around me and like I was going to lose it all. I was so sad about it. Old stories were coming back to haunt me and I felt so helpless.


While we were coaching together, Sarah helped me to recognize my infinite value and her coaching got me to truly believe that I am powerful. At the end of 3 months with SvdS, I made the biggest and hardest decision I’ve made in my life because it was the barrier between me and my happiness. I’ve never believed in myself as much as I can say I do right now and I attribute much of that from what I learned during our time together.


If you want a Coach who will be your personal cheerleader, your energy healer, a standup comedian, and a powerful guide to living your most inspired life, then look no further than Sarah!




THANK YOU SO MUCH MY BRILLIANT COACH!  How can I ever put it into words! I’ll never be able to thank you enough but here is my Testimonial and I’ll try:

So how do you adequately put into words enough GRATITUDE and THANKFULLNESS & LOVE for a Beautiful Coach, Coach Sarah who in 3 months has transformed my LIFE of nearly 50 years: one previously lived in doubt, fear & Dis-ease in many aspects to one of TRUE LOVE, empowerment and health through amazing journeys of prayer, meditation, breath work and sound healing. Her techniques are so natural and beautifully profound that there isn’t enough gratitude in the world for her. ❤ 


She will transform your life from one of self doubt, fear and feeling unheard to one of powerful healthy boundaries, self love & self care, establishing a beautiful future forward, full of self expression & overwhelming love in all areas of your life: personal, professional and health. Thank you Sarah for coming into my life and showing me I have always had the answers within, I just needed to silence my mind, pray and listen to my intuition as it holds all the answers for this one Beautiful Life to Live Out Loud Xoxo Forever Love & Gratitude, 




And without making these changes, if you're anything like me, you can just be blown around by the winds of your own reactivity. If you're not familiar with the fertility of the soil within the garden of your mind, and if you allow seeds of any sort to take hold, each thought becomes what you are, and what you do. And how you feel. That is… unless and until you are mindful of what’s actually taking place in your thinking.
So I would encourage you to pick up the phone and have a conversation with Sarah. I'm not a paid spokesman; I'm a paying client. And in my 57 years on the planet I've never met anyone as effective and compelling and compassionate in helping people free themselves and change their experience and behavior, than her

B. B.



What an amazing experience to be coached by Sarah. She has guided me to my true self with a personalized and tailor-made program. I feel so much light and positive energy in my life now. Enrolling in Sarah’s 90-day Total Transformation program has been the best gift I could have ever given myself. So don’t hesitate, just take this first step to a happier life! Thank you



I came to Sarah hoping she could help me to cope with recent health issues.  Together we were able to accomplish that plus so, so much more!  After our twelve sessions I am now feeling empowered and energized to deal with life.  Our sessions were enlightening and fun! Thank you, Sarah!!



Sarah is a magical coach that will help you explore yourself the way you have never explored yourself. She will help you discover your strengths and blind spots in the way you never discovered before. She knows how to get to the root cause of your actions and she knows how to change the perspective for the best. She is a very good listener and a great motivator. She will help you see life in the way you have never seen before. 


My experience with Sarah was nothing less than a divine experience, it's like God sent her to help me deal with complex emotions and challenges I have been struggling with from years. She gave me the clarity, taught me the meaning of self-love, compassion, abundance, and gave me a perspective with which I see each and every event in my life from a positive. Before working with Sarah, I was chaotic, and abundance meant money, love meant the absence of care, and unwanted hard events of life meant the fault of others. But after I worked with her, chaos turned into deep calmness, love turned into a beautiful experience, abundance turned into an abundance of ideas, resources, and intentions, and I had gratitude for all the hard experiences in my life. 


Working with Sarah was a total shift in perspective and a life-changing event in my life. I am so grateful I got a chance to work with her, She is AMAZING and so EMPOWERING.


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