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The Inside Job

It's a shift... that's it.

5-Month Private 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Are you ready to...


break through your limitations?

live the life that you long for?

truly love the person you were born to be?

take the most powerful step forward?

shift all areas of your life?

feel true happiness and joy?

have PEACE in your mind?

love your body no matter what size you are?

not be controlled by negative thoughts?

lose the unwanted weight for good?

be mentally energized from morning to night?

find the LOVE in your marriage or relationships that you long for?

If you said yes to any of these, then you're ready for Your Shift.

now presenting...

The Inside Job

What's holding us back from shifting on our own?



Negative thoughts

Limiting beliefs

Your vibration

Limited Self-worth

But I have great news for you...

These are the ONLY things that HOLD us back….

SHIFTING is what we GET to do.

Temporary solutions are only ... temporary.

Many things solve our problems temporarily, such as 


Reaching for sugar





but we can only return to what we know:

old belief patterns and old stories that don’t belong to us.


Signs that you're ready for a shift...

  • You are so tired of waking up in the morning feeling no energy or motivation to do anything.

  • You can’t find the job you long for because you think no one will hire you anyway.

  • Your mind is filled with so many negative thoughts that you are in a daily swirl.

  • You feel so stressed out that even on vacation you can’t relax.

  • You have always put everyone else’s needs before yours.

  • You are so moody with your family and with the people that you surround yourself with.

  • You feel so hopeless that nothing is working out for you.

  • You hate your body no matter what size you are

  • You’ve tried everything… you’ve read every self-help book, been on every diet, listened to hundreds of motivational speakers and still can’t find that happiness and joy that you know you deserve.

  • You are ready to start experiencing your life as the person you were born to be, not who you were told to be.

  • You already KNOW you are ready for MASSIVE mindset breakthrough because...

Your authenticity is calling out to you

YOU  are searching for YOU.


I know in my heart that your life could be filled with so much more.

It can be as EASY as a shift in your perspective. It’s a shift. That’s it.


There is nothing on the outside of who you are that will ever be you.


This is what Sarah’s private mentoring program is all about!

Breaking through all of your limiting beliefs...

in order to believe in


Creating a VIBRATION in alignment with what you want...

and the life that you have been longing for, for so long.


Yes, this is deep work...

because when we don’t go to the SOURCE,

we repeat the same behaviors.


I know because...

I've been right there, too.

I never believed in myself.

I was being controlled by all my FEARS.

I listened to what other people thought I SHOULD do.

I was listening to SOOOOOOO much mind chatter.

I was only happy when I was shopping,

over drinking, or over eating.

I was never present when raising my 4 children.

I felt unsupported and unhappy.

I didn’t feel loved by my husband.

But what I didn't realize at the time was...

IT IS A SHIFT, that’s IT.

What shifting can do...

Shifting has taken me from a woman  held back

by fear and non belief to a woman...

  • that let go of crippling fear to stand in front of 800 people in order to tell my transformative story.

  • who is running a lucrative coaching business and living her purpose.

  • who is turning a loveless marriage into the relationship of my dreams.

  • with a quiet and healthy mindset.

  • who is in better physical shape at age 55 than ever in her life.

  • who lives her life at 100% of her potential.

...and it feels so GOOD!


It became clear after reaching for everything outside of myself to feel happy

that I realized that the only thing I needed to do was quiet my mind,

change my thoughts and beliefs.


This is what got me there in the first place:

going to my SOURCE or what I call “my WHY”.


When I didn’t go there ... it was like I was putting

on a band aid on for temporary relief.

Who is The Inside Job for?

I’ve designed this program specifically for men and woman who have tried EVERYTHING and still are not living at their highest potential.


They know there is so much more waiting for them.

They want to be a leader and


make an impact in others’ lives.


In this program, we take small POWERFUL steps to go to your SOURCE;

this means the program is specifically customized to you.


I’m giving you everything you need (and nothing that you don’t)

so that you too can live this life that you have longed for, for so long.

Client Results

My past and current clients have:


Learned how to QUIET mental chatter.

Lost the weight that they struggled with for so many years.

Attracted their DREAM jobs.

Learned how to LOVE themselves more deeply.

Created more connected, loving, and lasting relationships.

Created a healthy lifestyle plan and have stuck with it.

Have a ton of energy from morning till night.

The Inside Job is customized to you.


You will shift in all areas of your life

(relationships, finances, career, and health)

by making small mindset shifts.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

And don't know HOW to get out of your FUNK?


Then you are a HELL YEAH person.

The Inside Job is waiting for YOU.

It's a Four Step Process

First: Lay the Foundation


This is the time when you'll get to know yourself better. You'll establish the foundation to FEEL the best you have EVER felt by quieting your mind- through meditation and breathing techniques.

In this step you will...

  1. Learn step by step techniques to MEDITATION.

  2. Create PEACE in your mind.

  3. Learn breathing techniques to quiet the mind anywhere.

Second: Understand your MINDSET


We must understand where our minds are to develop a plan to shift away from the current mindset.


In this step you will...

  1. Rewire old thinking to be available to receive

  2. Finding your WHY and why we think the way we do

  3. Rewire old thinking patterns by reframing

  4. Learn NLP techniques to create belief work

  5. Understand where your thoughts came from

From a quiet mind, comes our true self.

This is where clarity, success and love comes from.

For a quiet mind, all things seem possible.

Third: Work on changing your vibration


This step is the most transformational and inspirational of all. Once you have a grasp on where you're coming from and where you'd like to go, it's time to change your vibration with the following steps:


  1. Learn how to use thoughts and language to attract what you really want.

  2. Master self-talk and learn techniques to use on a daily basis for lifelong habit change.

Fourth: Build Your Dream Life


With a healthy positive foundation, we are then able to actually plan and create the life that you have longed for, for so long!

  1. Create an ACTION plan to your specific goals

  2. Implement positive strategies for your life 

  3. Create your personal “tool box” of mindset strategies

Your Private Mentorship includes:

You'll chat privately with Sarah every week to work through the four step process of the program in a one-on-one environment.

Private, Weekly

Laser Coaching

Sometimes just to get started on something new, you need to clear out the mental/ physical clutter.

Clear the Clutter

Complimentary Session

Sarah will give you everything you need to complete the program, including helpful workbooks and handouts.


and Handouts

In the beginning, it can be so helpful to have guidance with meditation.

Sarah's meditation series is invaluable.


Recorded Meditation Series

Even when you aren't chatting with Sarah, she will be just a tap away through messenger if you need more support.

Messenger Support

Between Sessions

After clearing the clutter, it helps to have a bit of clarity about where this program is going to take you.


90-minute Clarity Session

Still up in the air?

Trust me when I say...


Right now is the perfect time for you.


"Tomorrow" or "later" never really seem to come around

when we are just "thinking" about something.

If you don't add yourself to your calendar today,

you probably won't remember to tomorrow.

Imagine what it will cost you to NOT invest in yourself right now...

You won't find the energy in the morning to change anything...

which means that you may never get your dream job

and you'll stay stuck where you are now...

and that next "magical formula" book or course is likely to fail you again.

The only way to create a shift is to leap into the unknown.


And remember...

It's a shift. That's it.

I'm really looking forward to guiding you on your journey to the real you.


Sarah van der Steur

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